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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Diigo is pronounced /dee’go/, and is an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other Stuff.”  Created in 2005, Diigo is Web 2.0 management tool that helps the user be more organized and productive.  Students and teachers can bookmark websites which are stored on the diigo website and can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  When websites are bookmarked, a screenshot is saved for easy visual identification.  It also seems that the bookmarks can be saved on Delicious as well, so users can use both networks if needed.  Another great aspect of Diigo is that it allows the user to highlight parts of the website and saves it.  The reason I like this so much is because I sometimes forget why I bookmarked a site and end up spending a lot of time reading through it again.  Notes can also be put on saved sites.

There is a free version to try out Diigo, though a basic or premium plan gives more space and features.  This site gives more details about the versions.  Membership requires an email and so do group invites, so that could be a challenge.  A teacher can upgrade to an Educator Account and be able to set up private student accounts. (This web page describes the steps for this.)

Coming soon: How Diigo can be used in the classroom!

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