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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I learned about ThingLink through another teacher and wanted to explore it some more.

ThingLink is a user-friendly website that allows users to freely interact with images.  ThingLink describes it well as, “every image contains a story and ThingLink help you tell your stories.”

The user uploads an image to their account, and can immediately start tagging the picture with text comments or links to websites with videos or other content.  Various tags can be made anywhere on the image.  When the multimedia thinglink is shared, the receiver can hover over a tag to see the content, and click on the tag to go to the website.

How to Use ThingLink

Coming Soon: Ways to use ThingLink in the classroom!


  1. Just based on the description, it sounds like it would be something great to use for students who have special needs! It seems like special educators would be able to upload certain images for stories, and then they would be able to record different "captions" that would be helpful for the students.

  2. I also love your SoundCloud introduction on the top! I wanted to comment just on that! You'll have to show me how you did that!

  3. Thanks! I created an audacity file and followed this video's directions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Cu4xobkCGM .