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Friday, July 18, 2014

Using Voki in the Classroom

Voki speaking avatars can be used in many ways in the classroom.  The teacher could use it as a substitute in small increments, give the students a different voice to listen to, or something different to look at while still hearing a familiar voice.  Voki can also be used to make lessons more interesting and accessible.  Students can use Voki to create a presentation and classmates will have fun listening to it.  It could also be a good first step towards telecollaborative projects, as some students may need to get used to having themselves recorded.

Students could use Voki to record and present a/an:
- book report
- inventor report
- author biography
- animal report
- saint report
- poem to be read for fluency or one created by the student 
-  All About Me project at the beginning of the year

Teachers can use Voki to record:
- an oral pronunciation of vocabulary for ESOL students
- spelling pretest
- an attention-grabbing introduction to a lesson
- welcome students and parents to a website

This website gives more ideas.
Voki Newsletter - gives many ideas

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  1. Your links and resources for this tool were very helpful :) I'm a visual learner so I appreciate the "how to" links. I've never heard of this tool but it looks like something that would definitely engage my students. I have a hard time motivating and engaging some of my autistic students and I think this tool is PERFECT! I could use this to present my special education students with prior knowledge on the content that they will see when they go back into their classroom. Thanks for sharing!